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Tales of da Yoopernatural harkens back to the tradition of spooky stories told around the campfire late at night, combining the feel of the oral tradition with.
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To reach this goal, he recommends direct action on a grassroots level, as opposed to a reliance upon government and business. In , he retired from writing nonfiction. Since that time, he has been busy writing fiction under a pen name PD Allen. From fucking Wikipedia, the dodgiest source on information in the world.

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The main jaw dropper for newcomers remains Lake Superior itself.

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Bill knows quite a bit about the Big Lake and enjoys talking about it, but he brings in local people for presentations along the route. That was pretty spectacular. The lively tour keeps on schedule.

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October 6, October 7, October 8, October 9, October 10, Then we get the nasty sister, Mutnofret, and Ineni, the lover.

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I would pick up The Sekhmet Bed intending to read for only a moment, because a moment was all I had at the time. Fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, a half hour later, I would still be reading, even though I felt antsy because I had other things I needed to be doing. I could not stop reading. I had to know what happened next.

I had to know what was on that next page. Many of the scenes in The Sekhmet Bed clearly show how fragile life was in ancient Egypt, even though in some ways, they lived very comfortable, modern lives. Still, the wound caused by an animal bite could fester, and they had no way to stop it.

There was danger all around, not only from invading tribes but crocodiles, snakes, and childbirth. Throughout everything runs the gods, their ultimate control, and the need to appease them. I loved how vividly the author shows the power of women in this culture. I learned so much from this book: about ancient Egypt, and about the possible birth, childhood and subsequent power of Hatshepsut, the famed woman who ruled as pharaoh.

Although the book never ever fails for a single moment in its storytelling ability or in its beautiful voice or in the deep, vibrant connection between character and reader, it still managed to convey a tremendously visual, real, easy-to-identify-with culture and society. I absolutely loved the full-circle progression of the complex relationship between Ahmose and Mutnofret. I must stop as this is getting so long. I must not tell more, in fear of writing any spoilers, and because I cannot do any real justice to the many layers of wonderful prose that make up The Sekmet Bed.

I will just suggest that anyone who reads this pop on over to Amazon click on the book cover image and get yourself a copy. Posted on February 20, , in Book reviews and tagged ancient egypt , Hatshepsut , historical fiction , Thutmose. Bookmark the permalink.

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